EAEU has proven its stability against Western sanctions

The processes of Eurasian integration are becoming more significant today, especially against the background of the dynamics of the development of regional and global processes.

May 15, 2024 - 08:34
EAEU has proven its stability against Western sanctions

This statement was made by the Russian Ambassador to Armenia, Sergey Kopirkin, during his speech "Armenia in EAEU. Realities and prospects of Eurasian economic integration" at the conference.

According to him, the Eurasian Economic Union has proven its stability in the face of existing serious challenges, including the sanctions policy conducted by the West and the "dismantling" of the established foundations of international trade.

"The Eurasian Economic Union has become an effective and dynamic integration structure, the activity of which contributes to the growth of trade, mutual investments, activation of business ties, expansion of cooperation. All this brings economic benefits to each of the members of the union," Kopirkin said.

As a proof of his words, the Russian Ambassador referred to the EAEU statistical indicators, according to which, during the 10 years of the union's existence, the total gross product of the member states has increased from 1.6 trillion dollars to 2.5 trillion dollars. Trade turnover with third countries increased by 60%. The volume of mutual trade has almost doubled, from 45 billion dollars to 89 billion dollars, and around 90% of mutual trade is already carried out in national currency. By the end of 2023, the total GDP growth of EAEU reached 3.7 percent, which exceeds the world average. At the same time, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan are leading countries in EAEU.

"It should be noted that Armenia is one of the main profit-making countries of EAEU. Since 2015, Armenia's trade turnover with EAEU countries has increased 14 times," the Russian ambassador noted.

Kopirkin emphasized that the Russian Federation positively evaluates the priorities set by Armenia during the EAEU presidency and is ready to contribute to their implementation in every possible way.

As the head of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, one of my priority tasks should be the replenishment of the Armed Forces, and it is not about mobilization.

This was announced today by the candidate for the head of the military department, Andrey Belousov, during the consultations in the Federation Council.

"I especially want to emphasize for journalists, we are not talking about mobilization, emergency measures, we are talking about planned measures," he said.

As the head of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Belousov considers providing weapons to the Russian army groups in the zone of special military operations another priority.

"First of all, we are talking about the issues related to the arming of the groups operating there, the most modern military and special equipment: artillery ammunition, missiles, personal protection of servicemen, special communications, unmanned aerial vehicles, the supply of emergency response equipment, etc.," he said.

According to Belousov, all advanced developments and effective approaches in Russia should be implemented to achieve victory and to ensure the solution of the problems of the armed forces.

The candidate for the head of the Defense Department also noted the need to increase the effectiveness of the implementation of the state defense order, so that the entire combat staff of the Russian Armed Forces is fully provided with everything.

Let's remind that earlier the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin proposed to the Federation Council to appoint the Acting First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Government Andrey Belousov as the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation.