Poll: One in three Asian Americans experience racist incidents in the US

Nearly one in three Asian Americans have experienced racist encounters in the past year, according to a new US study.

May 12, 2024 - 14:16
Poll: One in three Asian Americans experience racist incidents in the US
The STAATUS survey by Savanta Research Institute and the Asian American Foundation found that more than 30 percent of Asian Americans reported experiencing bullying and 29 percent experiencing physical or verbal violence in the past year.
Anti-Asian sentiment is believed to be deeply rooted in America. Anti-Asian hatred in the United States has especially increased during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Forty-one percent of Asian Americans surveyed say they are likely to be the victim of a physical attack, and 59 percent believe they are likely to be the victim of discrimination in the next five years.
Asian Americans who identify as Democrats are more likely to feel discriminated against than Asian Americans who identify as Republicans, according to the survey.
This difference persists between generations.
38% of Asian Americans ages 16 to 24 say they are very likely to experience discrimination, compared with 17% of those over 75 who agree.
According to the survey, 55% of Americans cannot name an event or policy that affects Asian Americans.
The study also calls for greater visibility of Asian Americans in society.
The lack of awareness is such that fifty-two percent of Americans could not name a famous Asian American.
Also, half of Americans can't name a favorite movie with an Asian American character.
In contrast, the survey found that most blacks and Hispanics are interested in interacting with Asians.
Paul Watanabe, professor of political science and director of the Asian American Studies Institute, says:
“If we do not understand and continue to challenge deeply held and unwanted views about race, we will be at risk when a crisis arises.”
The STAATUS survey was conducted online from January 30 to March 13 with a sample of 6,272 U.S. respondents aged 16 years and older.