Warriors of Justice: Iraq's Islamic Resistance Takes the Fight to Israel's Doorstep

May 9, 2024 - 14:18
Warriors of Justice: Iraq's Islamic Resistance Takes the Fight to Israel's Doorstep


By: M. S. Qorbani


In the wake of the relentless aggression by Israel on the besieged Gaza Strip, resulting in the tragic loss of over 34,000 civilian lives, among them hundreds of children and infants, coupled with the implacable support extended by the United States to the Israeli leadership, an unprecedented wave of condemnation has surged throughout the globe. Iraq’s Islamic resistance, in solidarity with the Palestinian cause, has retaliated by targeting the interests of the Israeli regime and its key ally, the United States, in a series of successful strikes.


Dubbed the "Islamic Resistance of Iraq," a collective title encompassing various Iraqi factions united against US-Israeli imperial hegemony, this popular movement has emerged as a formidable force challenging these powers across the Middle East. As a matter of fact, the Iraqi resistance provides a unified front for groups to target US military installations both in Iraq and Syria under a singular banner, obscuring individual group affiliations during operations.


Notwithstanding that the mantle of the "Islamic Resistance of Iraq" is adopted by a coalition of militia groups, notable among them being “Kata’ib Hizballah" and Harakat-al-Nujaba," other factions such as "Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq" and "Kata'ib Sayyid al-Shuhada" also rally under the same banner for coordinated actions.


Recent reports indicate a substantial tally of over 243 operations conducted within a span of 200 days, encompassing strikes on American sites on Iraqi soil, targets in the occupied Palestinian territories [Israel], as well as American military facilities in Syria.


According to observers, the scope of the Iraqi Islamic resistance's attacks extends across the occupied Palestinian territories [Israel], with strikes reaching key locations such as Haifa, Be'er Sheva, and the Red Sea port of Eilat [Umm al-Rashrash].


Strategic targets including oil refineries, military installations such as airbases, and governmental buildings have been subject to relentless Iraqi assaults, shattering the myth of Israel’s impregnable Iron Dome.


Despite Israel's attempts to maintain an iron grip on information, it has trickled out through social platforms, hinting at the considerable toll exacted by these unprecedented attacks. One such instance that punctured the shroud of censorship was an Iraqi drone strike on a key Israeli naval base in Umm al-Rashrash. The rare admission from the Israeli top brass of the high precision of the strike underscored the potency and devastating effect of the Iraqi resistance's operations.


Of particular significance is the blockade imposed on the port of Umm al-Rasrash due to repeated Iraqi attacks, exacerbating the already mounting economic strains on the Israeli regime. The Islamic resistance's strategic vision encompasses besieging Israeli maritime activities in the Mediterranean Sea, signaling their unbending tenacity to disrupt Israeli aggression until the cessation of its abominable atrocities in Gaza.


The steadfast resolve of the Iraqi Islamic Resistance resonates with public sentiment in Iraq, aligning with widespread empathy for the Palestinian cause and disdain for American complicity in Israeli war crimes. Calls for the withdrawal of US forces from Iraqi soil have amplified amidst rising anti-war fervor, fueled by the perception of the US as an enabler of Israeli aggression.


In a bid to secure a genuine ceasefire in Gaza, Iraq’s Islamic resistance has demonstrated strategic acumen by adjusting its operations in response to developments on the ground. The recent escalation following breaches of temporary truces in Gaza underscores the unwavering commitment of this resistance to upholding justice and defending the oppressed Palestinian civilians.


In conclusion, Iraqi Islamic resistance stands as a beacon of defiance and honor against the Zionist occupiers, embodying the will of the Iraqi nation in challenging imperialism and advocating for justice. The retaliatory attacks by American and Israeli forces, coupled with the tight censorship in their media narratives, underscore the potency and impact of the Iraqi resistance's rising military might.