International Pressure Mounts on the Israeli Regime as African Nations Stand in Solidarity with Gaza

In a groundbreaking event, Palestinian resistance troops from Gaza orchestrated a meticulously planned and unprecedented combined operation, dubbed Al-Aqsa Storm. This operation involved land, sea, and air assaults against the Zionist regime. The audacious attack caught the Israeli army and intelligence agencies off guard, resulting in a historic military debacle that shattered the illusion of Israel's invincibility.

Oct 25, 2023 - 15:16
International Pressure Mounts on the Israeli Regime as African Nations Stand in Solidarity with Gaza
International Pressure Mounts on the Israeli Regime as African Nations Stand in Solidarity with Gaza

By: M. Sharifi

On the morning of Saturday, October 7, Hamas commandos successfully breached the highly fortified one billion-dollar security fence, hailed as Israel's most intricate and impregnable military project. The staggering cost of this defense line equates to the budget of the entire Gaza region for five years. The scale and complexity of Operation Al-Aqsa Storm dealt a deadly blow to Israeli intelligence, political, and military authorities, leaving them flabbergasted for 24 hours.

The Israeli occupying regime, fearing a direct confrontation with the intrepid Palestinian resistance forces, responded to this unprecedented operation by unleashing indiscriminate airstrikes on the 2.2 million civilians inhabiting the besieged Gaza Strip. These airstrikes perpetuated horrendous atrocities. Among these desperate acts of aggression, driven by anger and frustration, is the recent bombing of Al-Moamadani Hospital.

The use of advanced one-ton bombs, possessing immense destructive power, against a medical facility teeming with innocent civilians, including women, children, and elderly patients, cannot be vindicated by any moral or ethical standard. As a result, global anti-Zionist movements have witnessed a surge in support for the Palestinian nation's plight.


Growing African Condemnation of Israeli Crimes

Africa holds significant cultural, economic, and political interests for the Zionist regime, leading to a persistent agenda of expanding its relations with African nations. Despite the crimes committed against the oppressed Palestinian people, some African countries have normalized relations with Israel. However, the recent inhumane attacks by Israel in Gaza have provoked a partial awakening of conscience across the African continent. Several African countries, which previously embraced the idea of normalizing ties with Tel Aviv, have now condemned the regime's unfathomable war crimes against the Palestinians, while the lack of media coverage makes the Palestinians suffer in silence.

Egypt's President, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who hosted the Cairo International Peace Conference over the Palestinian crisis, urged the international community to support the Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

King Abdullah II of Jordan, despite maintaining cordial relations with the Zionist regime, unequivocally denounced the Israeli attacks against Gaza, describing them as war crimes. He stressed the catastrophic ramifications of international negligence towards the deteriorating situation in Gaza.

Even though Morocco normalized its relations with Israel in exchange for US recognition of its sovereignty over the disputed Western Sahara territory, Prince Moulay Hicham Al-Alawi, cousin of the Moroccan monarch, Mohammed VI, voiced his support for the Palestinian cause on social media. Additionally, the Moroccan masses have shown strong solidarity with the Palestinians, urging their government to reconsider the normalization of relations with Israel.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Cooperation and International Relations of the Republic of South Africa released a statement holding Israel accountable for the recent escalation. The statement emphasizes that Israel's continuous illegal occupation of Palestinian territories, the expansion of Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank, the desecration of the Holy Al-Aqsa Mosque and Christian sanctuaries, and the relentless oppression of the Palestinian civilians are the root causes of the current crisis.


Israel Facing Increasing Isolation

In light of mounting anti-Zionist sentiments across the globe, particularly among its former allies, it is evident that the Israeli regime's earlier prognostications will not materialize.

Despite Israel's persistent efforts to normalize relations with various countries, today African nations have broken their silence and taken a stand against the regime's abominable crimes. This significant shift in position could potentially lead to further isolation for Israel on the international stage.