Ukraine War: Russia's Strategic Triumph Amidst Western Sanctions

It has been two years since Russia initiated its special operation in Ukraine on February 24, 2022. In this span of time, despite the inflow of Western conventional and non-conventional armaments into Ukraine and the comprehensive sanctions leveled against Moscow, the scales of power have consistently tilted in favor of the Kremlin.

Feb 26, 2024 - 15:43
Ukraine War: Russia's Strategic Triumph Amidst Western Sanctions
Ukraine War: Russia's Strategic Triumph Amidst Western Sanctions

By: M. Sharifi


Russia Remains Defiant


In the wake of the conflict in Ukraine, the Kremlin has weathered a barrage of sanctions and economic adversities. Yet, contrary to Western prognostications, the efficacy of the sanctions imposed on Russia has not met the anticipated mark. Noteworthy is the announcement by Russian Finance Minister Anton Silvanov in August, forecasting a growth rate of Russia's gross domestic product to hover around 2.5 percent or higher in 2023. The staggering rise from 2,500 sanctions pre-Ukraine crisis to a staggering 11,000 sanctions within a mere year of warfare underscores the profound impact of these constraints. Sanctions such as the prohibition of SWIFT for select Russian banks, asset freezes on the Russian Central Bank, airspace closures for Russian aircraft, embargoes on technology exports, iron and steel imports, luxury goods exports, energy imports, financial strictures, trade impediments, restrictions on the Russian golden passport, and more, have been enacted against Russia.


The Rise of Popular Support for Putin Amidst the Ukraine Conflict


Despite the reverberations of the Ukrainian conflict on the populace of Russia, recent polls unveil a prevailing sentiment of support for President Vladimir Putin and his stance on the war in Ukraine. Notably, a survey cited by "US News" delineated that nearly 65% of respondents advocate for Putin's potential fifth-term reelection in the forthcoming March elections, with 53% staunchly endorsing his candidacy. Moreover, a commanding 66% of survey participants expressed a definitive intent to cast their votes for Putin over any alternative contender in the imminent presidential elections.


While Russia remains embroiled in the conflict with Ukraine and confronts the West on that front, an air of tranquility pervades the nation, with Moscow conspicuously evading the portrayal of a belligerent state. Anticipated challenges to Putin's standing in the face of the Ukrainian conflict have not materialized, as memories of post-Soviet chaos linger amongst the Russian populace. Putin, as the singular leader who navigated the tumultuous aftermath of the Soviet Union's dissolution and the presidency of Boris Yeltsin, succeeded in curbing the influence of oligarchs, stabilizing the Russian economy, and reinstating a semblance of order within the nation. Over the years, he has propelled Russia into the echelons of global superpowers, solidifying his position as the nation's preeminent political figure.


Emerging Russian National Patriotism Against Western Pressures


Despite Western endeavors to corner Moscow through embargoes and unwavering support for Ukraine, the prevailing narrative has defied expectations. Data indicates a resolute faith amongst the Russian populace in Putin's capacity to safeguard Russia's stability and foster its progress. The populace perceives Putin as a leader who has contributed significantly to the nation's welfare. This unity of purpose between the Russian people and government crystallizes into a formidable national front against Western pressures, thwarting attempts to erode national support and sow discord within Russia.


In conclusion, the Russian Federation, under the astute leadership of President Putin, stands resilient amidst external pressures, exhibiting a steadfast resolve that belies the efficacy of Western sanctions and the complexities of the Ukraine conflict. As the geopolitical landscape continues to evolve, Moscow’s strategic acumen and national unity herald a narrative of enduring strength and unwavering determination in the face of adversity.