Unveiling of the Mahdism Website

Feb 23, 2024 - 19:47
Unveiling of the Mahdism Website
Unveiling of the Mahdism Website


In a ceremony organized by the Cultural Foundation of Hazrat Mahdi (God May Hasten His Appearance), the unveiling of two meticulously crafted websites—one in Arabic (Almortaja.com) and the other in English (Mahdism.net)—dedicated to the in-depth analysis of Imam Zaman's (AS) character took place.


Hujjat al-Islam Dr. Mahmoud Motavasel, the director of the Hazrat Mahdi Cultural Foundation (AS), opened the proceedings with an overview of the foundation's activities. Established in 2000 in line with Imam Khomeini's insightful understanding of Mahdism, the foundation has been primarily involved in the intellectual cultivation of students who specialize in Mahdavi philosophy and who currently operate as educators across the country.


With 350 books published on Mahdavi philosophy, the Foundation's publishing division has significantly enriched and contributed to the Mahdavi topic. Furthermore, tens of thousands of pilgrims visit the sacred mosque of Jamkaran each year, thanks to the "Mahdi's Companions" group.


Emphasizing the pressing need to enhance the foundation's online endeavors, Dr. Motavasel highlighted that, in recent years, the foundation's website has undergone continuous development, establishing a strong presence alongside other Mahdavi platforms. Additionally, in the past two weeks, the foundation has hosted significant conferences focusing on "Mahdism: the Islamic Revolution" and "Mahdism: The Unifying Thread of Islamic Madhhabs."


The director of the Hazrat Mahdi (AS) Cultural Foundation underscored the strategic imperative to develop specialized English and Arabic platforms, adding that the recently launched websites, if properly introduced, hold the potential to serve as conduits for practicing Mahdavi teachings worldwide.


In his address, Hujjat al-Islam Mohammadreza Nasuri, the cultural vice president of the foundation, delved into Mahdism, underscoring the importance of introducing an English-language website dedicated to the subject. He further elaborated, stating, "This foundation operates in three domains: promotion, education, and authorship. Our dedicated efforts have been focused on meticulously examining and addressing any questionable or deviant challenges with scholarly precision throughout the years."


Hujjat al-Islam Hamid Sa’adat, a graduate of the Hazrat Mahdi (AS) Cultural Foundation, shed light on the origins of the website, highlighting the initial intention of distributing audiobooks online. Yet, recognizing the extensive nature of the project, a decision was reached to expand the initiative.


The primary objective behind the website's launch, according to Sa'adat, is to establish a specialized, text-oriented platform. "Among the 150 English-language Shia websites, those specifically dedicated to Mahdism are scarce. In instances where such platforms exist, they either replicate content from other sources or disseminate inaccurate information. In light of this, our endeavor seeks to create a repository of specialized Mahdavi content, aspiring to compile multiple authoritative works and correct all Mahdavi-related information on Wikipedia," added Sa'adat.