Why do some American officials deliberately try to humiliate Japan?

Concerns are growing in Japan following the latest statements by American officials regarding the justification for the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945.

May 18, 2024 - 14:42
Why do some American officials deliberately try to humiliate Japan?

Tokyo, which opposes comments regarding the use of nuclear weapons, conveyed its position to Washington, but failed to attract the attention of American officials.

Senator Lindsey Graham, a prominent Republican, advocated dropping atomic bombs on Japan at a meeting on May 8. The comment came as Graham spoke about supporting Israel over the plight of the Palestinians. Graham, who evaluated the atomic bombing incident in which innocent Japanese people were massacred by Americans in a television program as a correct decision, once again resorted to the deceptive excuse of American warmonger historians that the war would not have stopped if we had not killed so many Japanese. 

Of course, America, after the massacre of Japanese citizens, went to war in Vietnam, Cambodia, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. It did not stop war and murder in places around the world, so it seems that this argument was only used to deceive the Japanese and other peoples around the world.

Graham also emphasized the need to provide powerful weapons to Israel at the Senate Appropriations Committee meeting.

Japanese Cabinet Secretary Yoshimasa Hayashi described the comments as "very regrettable", saying: "The atomic bombs took many lives, caused indescribable suffering, including diseases, and created a very deplorable human condition."

In a weak response, the Japanese government notified the US government and Graham's office that the use of nuclear weapons was not in accordance with the spirit of international law.

Unfortunately, Japanese historians and the media have not done enough to disseminate a more accurate understanding of the facts of the atomic bomb on a global level.

Additionally, despite Japan's high level of cooperation and obedience to America, Biden called Japan, China, and Russia "anti-foreign" on May 1, prompting a less-than-strong protest from the Tokyo government.

It seems that some American senators, especially those like Lindsey Graham, are deliberately trying to humiliate Japan in order to strengthen America's political and ideological positions and maintain America's psychological dominance over the Japanese government and nation. Things that bring back painful memories of history for the Japanese nation.

Of course, what is strange for the world is why the rulers of Japan, despite having a great history, an intelligent and multi-talented nation, are not willing to give up the psychological and political dominance of the colonial West and instead of being in a secondary position, they take a decisive place in global equations. They do not have the will to contribute to real peace among nations by taking on the role of society and opposing imperialism./