America lost one billion dollars in Yemen.

Jul 8, 2024 - 08:56

Ron Paul, a former member of the US Congress, says that the US Department of Defense is more successful in spending than in executing operations.

The Prosperity Guard operation, implemented jointly by the United States and England to halt Yemeni forces in the Red Sea, and the design and construction of the Gaza pier are two examples of the expensive initiatives of the US Department of Defense.

A former member of the US Congress wrote in a critical article that Operation Shoufai Guard in Yemen was supposed to be quick and easy, but it was not, and the construction of the floating dock project cost the US Army 250 million dollars, benefiting only its contractors.

Ron Paul stated that in the fight against the Yemenis, the US spent a billion dollars and failed.

Increasing military spending without results raises the question of whether the outcomes are worth the costs incurred.