SADC to carry out attacks to 'finish' the rebels of M23 DRC

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) has announced that its forces in the Democratic Republic of Congo will carry out attacks, in cooperation with government forces, to "finish the M23 rebels and restore peace and security."

May 15, 2024 - 08:02
SADC to carry out attacks to 'finish' the rebels of M23 DRC

SADC has announced this in its statement condemning the bomb attack against the Mugunga refugee camp on the outskirts of Goma, which it says was carried out by M23 rebels. According to reports, the attack killed about 16 people and injured about 30 others .

The M23 rebel group has strongly denied the allegations. The Governor of Kivu State, Ruguru, said that 14 people died and more than 35 others were injured in the attack on the Mugunga camp .

SADC forces have been in North Kivu since the end of last year and since January this year have been involved in "one-on-one" confrontations against M23 using "heavy artillery, fighter jets, drones, and tanks" in the areas below of M23 control .

The M23 rebels have threatened security in the eastern areas of the Democratic Republic of the Congo


The government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo invited the SADC force after saying that it was not satisfied with the EAC soldiers who were supposed to fight the M23 rebels .

Congo DR has been accusing its neighbor Rwanda of supporting the M23 rebel group, a claim that has been denied by Kigali, but is supported by the United States, France, Belgium and United Nations experts .