The Zionist Air Force has taken out of service its F-35 jets

Feb 15, 2023 - 10:38
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The American Lockheed Martin Corporation, which is the manufacturer of the F-35 fighter jets, announced, "We are aware of the technical failure of the F-35's engines and their crashes."
A lack of spare parts hinders American efforts to produce these costly warplanes.
A F-35 crashed during a test flight at Texas State Air Force Base. The US Government Accountability Office [GAO] has announced that it does not have enough capacity for the maintenance of the F35s.
The Zionist regime possesses thirty-six F-35 fighter jets, making it the first in the world to acquire them from the United States. Recently, the Zionist daily Jerusalem Post claimed that the Israeli Ministry of War has ordered the grounding of these planes owing to safety concerns.

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