Save the Children, more funds needed for Turkey-Syria earthquake

Mar 18, 2023 - 19:07
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Save the Children, more funds needed for Turkey-Syria earthquake

As the European Union and Sweden prepare to host a donors' conference in Brussels next Monday to raise funds for the earthquake response in Turkey and Syria

Save the Children is calling on world leaders to step up their efforts to address children's immediate humanitarian needs and protect their future. The NGO itself writes it in a note. "At present, funding for the response is largely insufficient - says the organization - to address the most pressing needs. The immediate call of the United Nations to meet the immediate humanitarian needs of people after the catastrophe in both countries has been set to 1.4 billion dollars, but only 28.7% is financed (13.8% for Turkey and 66.4% for Syria), thus leaving almost a billion dollars uncovered, necessary to meet the needs of all people affected by the earthquake and help children recover. This is a critical window of time to help children recover, especially the lack of funds for child protection and education is extremely worrying." The earthquakes - recalls Save The Children - caused the death of over 54,000 people in both countries, but the crisis is not over. With infrastructure decimated, services overburdened and millions of children and families displaced from their homes, urgent action is needed to protect children from the severe aftermath of earthquakes.

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