The trap that Westerners set for Armenia

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, in order to expand NATO.........

Jun 18, 2024 - 12:56
The trap that Westerners set for Armenia

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, in order to expand NATO, the strategic region of the Caucasus has been part of the US strategy, but before the Ukrainian war, NATO members refused to enter this region due to the sensitivity of Russia. With the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, the Westerners have put aside all considerations and are trying to penetrate this region. The US, improving its relations with Armenia, seeks to play a role in all cases where Russia imposes sanctions against Armenia and provides Armenia with means to solve these problems.

In the conditions where the danger of a direct conflict between NATO and Moscow has expanded more than ever, the US, which has escalated tensions with Russia in Ukraine, is also trying to use this opportunity to involve the Russians on other fronts. American statesmen believe that if they increase their movements and influence in the Caucasus, Russia will have to invest a part of its military power in this region in order to eliminate NATO threats, therefore, the reduction of Russian concentration in the territory of Ukraine will allow NATO to have achievements.

The West is trying to open a new front in the conditions when they have reached a deadlock in Ukraine itself, and the West is suffering more than Russia from the protracted war.Contrary to Western perceptions, Russia has made advances in eastern Ukraine in recent months, a matter that has doubled the concern of NATO members. Because Russia's victory in Ukraine is a major defeat for NATO, and despite spending hundreds of billions of dollars, it has not been able to defeat Russia. That is why other allies of the USA revised their security policy with this country. Therefore, diverting Russia's attention from Ukraine to the Caucasus is one of the key plans of Washington and its partners.

The US is exploiting the tension between Armenia and Russia. However, achieving this Western goal will be difficult, given the strong economic and cultural ties between Armenia and Russia.All the countries of the South Caucasus, based on geography and politics, were once completely under the influence of Moscow. The US and Europe are trying to destroy Russia's collective security system in the surrounding areas of that country. The US is encouraging Armenia to close the Russian military base in Gyumri, which means Russia's complete military withdrawal from the Caucasus, and an opportunity for the West to fill that gap and replace Russia.

Being present in Armenia and deploying some of its military advisers in this country, the US wants to closely monitor Russia's movements and plan to counter the threats of its eastern adversary.In general, it can be said that any turn of Armenia towards the West, especially the signing of military contracts and the deployment of foreign forces in this country, will receive a sharp reaction from the Russians. does not make compromises in protecting its security interests and will respond with the most decisive actions to any move by the West in the Soviet republics. The experience of the past is a great lesson for Armenian leaders not to fall into the trap set by the West.