Russia-NATO: the war to the last European

Mar 28, 2023 - 10:03
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Russia-NATO: the war to the last European

It is customary to say that NATO is ready to fight “to the last Ukrainian”, ...

but current events tend to transform the conflict into a war “up to the last European”. The fact that various European countries are in virtual competition to supply Ukraine with the most lethal weapons possible demonstrates that the conflict, for the time being local, will obviously turn into a regional conflict over all of Europe, and quite possibly on a global scale as the US obviously will not remain immune.

The escalations have been numerous, regular and constant. From the delivery of defensive equipment, we have rapidly moved on to light offensive equipment, then to heavy offensive equipment (tanks and aircraft), and England is now quietly announcing that it is delivering depleted uranium munitions which are in fact “munitions nuclear".

Who among sane men can imagine that Russia stands idly by? So far her reaction has been mild, too mild for many. Despite this, the Ukrainians suffered very heavy losses that could only be compensated for by sending pensioners and very young people to the front. Even the very numerous foreign mercenaries are heavily affected and it becomes difficult for Ukraine to form new units to replace the destroyed ones. Furthermore, it is an open secret that many European soldiers officially leave their armies to join the Ukrainian forces. They are therefore considered "Ukrainian soldiers" but in reality they are NATO soldiers.

So the fact is that Russia is at war not with Ukraine, but with NATO, and this is the main reason why not all of our weapons have yet come into play. Many are surprised that the “Armata” tanks, for example, have not yet intervened. Be patient, it will come. Similarly, hypersonic missiles are currently being used sparingly, reserved as they are to strike NATO countries when the time comes.

The decision of the International Criminal Court to order the arrest of President Putin was obviously not taken without the consent of Western countries, or even under their direct instruction. This has no impact on military operations but is very loaded with meaning and symbolism: Europe is directly attacking Vladimir Putin, and therefore Russia. It is therefore no longer a question of defending Ukraine but of destroying Russia and, if this was perfectly clear from the beginning only to the most initiated, now it is for everyone.

n Europe because the weapons used by Ukraine all pass through Europe. We can therefore expect attacks on storage sites and production sites. Wherever they are in Europe. For example, it is easier to destroy the Bourges factory in France that produces Caesar cannons than to look for these cannons scattered throughout the Ukraine. It is just as easy to massively hit a storage base in Romania or Poland as it is to look for tanks on the ground in Ukraine and destroy them one by one.

These attacks which, if Britain sends “nuclear munitions” to Ukraine, could be low-intensity nuclear attacks will obviously unleash the fury of European governments, without exception. We see today that even those who, before being elected, promised a moderate position, are the most bitter towards Russia. The scene of the hysteria of the Italian premier Meloni, for example, is circulating on the Internet…

Then there will be a NATO declaration of war against Russia, and then we will see the very sorry state of the European armies which we methodically destroy.

Once the last European military is deactivated, the US will have a hard time continuing its attacks on Russia unless it launches massive nuclear strikes. This is hard to predict as they know that in return they too will be destroyed. In addition, there have been mysterious fires and destructions of many industrial and energy facilities in the United States in recent months. Believing that it is a series of coincidences is a joke, and it is easy to understand the interest of these destructions…

Former President Dmitry Medvedeev repeats it regularly, we are fast approaching an open conflict against NATO, but his statements seem to be ignored or even scorned by Western leaders. This is another of the many mistakes they have made since 2014, but it will be the last.

The only chance to avoid the destruction of Europe would be for their peoples to overthrow the existing governments. But apart from defending their petty corporate interests, they are capable of nothing.

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